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Workout Programmes

Thrive Not Survive!

An online coaching programme designed to rewire, reset and re-energise women going through perimenopause and menopause. 

Focus areas include: 

  • Mastering the menopause macros 

  • Identifying food triggers

  • Sleep hygiene & stress management

  • Minerals & vitamins during menopause 

  • Gut health & anti-inflammatory foods

  • Weekly mindset habit coaching activities

  • Personalised resistance training workout programme

Don't suffer in silence  

If any of the below sounds like you, please reach out. I would love to see how I can help!

  • Exhausted of yo-yo dieting and not seeing results 

  • Struggling with weight gain and lack of energy

  • Confusion over the right foods to fuel and nourish your body 

  • Lack of motivation to exercise and lack of time to fit in effective workouts

  • Overwhelmed with your current responsibilities and relationships, often feeling out of control 

  • Lack of identity and loss of self-confidence 

  • A burning desire to rediscover YOU again

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What will you need to get started?

Workouts do not have to be at the gym! I make sure all programmes are tailored to the individual, their unique setup and their time available, whether that's 15 minutes a day or 50


All you will need is the following:

An Exercise Mat


Light Pair of Dumbbells



Heavy Pair of Dumbbells



Mini Band & Resistance Band

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