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What is 1:1 online coaching?

Each of my 1:1 packages are totally bespoke depending on what each client needs. Some services which you can expect include:

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Personalised in-app access, meaning you workout where you want, when you want 

Accountability & support achieved through weekly 1:1 check-ins with me and 24/7 in-app chat function

Tailored 1:1 check-in sheets where you will report training, nutrition, sleep, stress, hormonal changes, mood, injuries, questions/concerns and weekly goal setting

1:1 personalised progressive training programme every 6-8 weeks tailored to your goals, preferences, time available and what equipment you have access to

Personalised nutrition tracking and coaching with a library of recipe ideas all tailored to your calories and macro targets

Face-to-face calls every six weeks to keep you on track

Video demonstrations with home and gym options to provide educational video content

Quarterly in-person meetups and events

Access to group challenges and an amazing online community

Advanced coaching if training for a particular event/competition

Fitness training app for women
Fitness training app

1:1 Online Coaching

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